'I have learnt that the power of men together can enable a man to transform himself and his future.'
Jonathan, Forres

What is a workshop

The term ‘workshop’ can mean different things, to different people… A place to fix cars or a room full of people learning skills to help them change or achieve something different in their lives. The term ‘workshop’ can be off-putting for some people. Often they are seen as a place people go to be taught a skill by teachers who have expertise in a particular subject area. Men in Recovery workshops are very different to this. Although the facilitators have a wide range of experience in supporting and understanding men who have experienced sexual abuse, their workshops are about creating a space where everyone is invited to think about their experiences of being a man and in particular a man who has experienced sexual abuse. In our workshops men share only what feels OK for them.

Stephen always has a guest facilitator working alongside him, providing structure to the day and the activities. Their primary role is to provide a safe and supportive environment for the individual and collective process to unfold.

Who is it for...

Our weekends are for men who have experienced or believe to have experienced sexual abuse, as children or adults. They are NOT for men who are abusing or have a history of abusing others. These men need a different kind of support that we do not provide. The fear of sitting in a group of men is normally very high at the beginning and reduces quickly once the weekend begins. We are aware of that and are making efforts to lower the fear barometer. We put a lot of effort into creating a sense of safety in the group.

We currently run two different types of workshops:

Introductory Weekend Workshop
Themed Weekend Retreats
as well as
Men's Meetings

Additionally for Therapists...

We offer short Training Workshops as part of their continued professional development. For more information about our next event Click here.

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