'I have learnt that the power of men together can enable a man to transform himself and his future.'
Jonathan, Forres

What we offer

Our weekend retreats are built on two major principles namely the Therapeutic Process and Men’s Work. Stephen’s knowledge and experience in both of these areas is the foundation of the workshop structure.

Moving Towards Recovery (Introductory Workshop) Read more

This weekend workshop offers the opportunity for men to gently share, explore feelings and support each other in a safe environment. The focus will be talking about the effects and impact of sexual abuse on their life experiences to now, sharing personal histories and exploring some of the most common issues that men describe - trust, isolation, fear of intimacy and closeness, anger, sexuality and relationships. In addition, the workshop will explore and develop strategies for survival and healing, bringing men on to their road to recovery and beyond. The workshop is held in a safe, confidential environment and acts as an introduction for future workshops. We invite men who have experienced sexual abuse, to attend this workshop, before progressing onto other workshops.

Themed Weekend Retreats

There are a predictable number of themes that men who have experienced sexual abuse will encounter in their daily life. The most dominant of these are isolation, addiction, depression, violence to self and others and relationship difficulties. Our themed workshops will focus on these issues one at a time to a greater depth, exploring how the issue has impacted on each man individually. Thus, by providing each man with the opportunity to talk of his experiences, ask questions, hear the answers of others, take part in discussions and watch informative films, the opportunity is there for men to deepen their awareness and capacity to heal, thus enabling them to continue on their journey to a fuller and healthier life experience.

To attend the Themed Workshops, we ask men to first attend an Introductory Workshop. All our Workshops start on Friday evening and end after lunch on Sunday. Overnight accommodation and all meals are included in the workshop price. The venue is typically held in a quiet location which includes spacious workshop rooms, catering facilities and comfortable sleeping accommodation as well as outside space to walk and get some fresh air.

The weekend workshop cost is £350.00 - inclusive of workshop time, resources, meals, accommodation and refreshments. On each weekend we have a number of of subsidised places available to anyone who has limited funds and is unable to pay the full price. Please don’t let any personal financial restriction stop you from making an initial enquiry.


I want to acknowledge Mike Lew (LINK) from Boston USA for his willingness to share so generously with me his version of this workshop in 2013. (Stephen Linturn)

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