From the counsellor…

Hi Stephen, … my client gained so much from the weekend experience and continues to do so. It has allowed him to process and normalise very difficult emotions. He no longer feels as isolated in his experience. Keep up the good work Stephen…..

Kind regards Carol

Read about some of the experiences of those attending our workshops:

"One of the biggest problems I experienced was the isolation, the shame of being an abused man. I realised I needed to overcome this fear of shame, of publicly admitting what had happened to me, by meeting others who had similar experiences. I was nervous, anxious, afraid it might not be safe, but attending the workshop was one of the best things I've ever done, and Stephen made it feel very safe. And the six of us who attended now meet regularly, and get strength from each other."

Jonathan, Forres

"Before the weekend I was very anxious, this disappeared after the first day and at the end I had a huge sense of relief and lightness in my body. Most important I learnt that I am not alone. My issues are normal and that there is a lot of hope for the future. You have hit on a subject that particularly in men is not addressed and really needs to be. This workshop has really changed my life, Thank you."

Andrew, Forres

"I was unsure if I wanted to go to the workshop and feeling anxious. Afterwards I was so glad that I had gone. I got a lot out of it but am unable to clearly define what.In particular I found the work around shame and anger very helpful. Connection as against my isolation and the validation of my years of struggling. AND NOW I can only speak for myself but three months later: those of us who attended are still in touch and committed to meeting up once a month as a support group. For me there is a sense of the possibility of deepening and enduring friendships born of a mutual understanding and respect for each other and our stories, how we have and are trying to overcome the limiting consequences of our abuse experiences. I hope we can continue to support each other and also find the time and space to get out and have fun together."

Chris R, Moray

"Before the workshop I was Deeply anxious with huge resistance. At the end I was anxious about how to say goodbye to the others but felt transformed and excited about my new life as a MAN. What I remember clearly was the experience of being heard, believed and understood. And not being judged by the other men. Reflecting on it a week later I am now clear that I am not a useless, loathsome piece of shit as I had always believed. In fact I am a good man and deserve better. I have learnt that the power of men together can enable a man to transform himself and his future."

Anonymous, Moray