I truly believe that it is not necessary for men to lead low quality lives blighted by experiences that mostly happened decades ago. It is not eezy peezy to change but neither is living a low quality life. This charity exists because I KNOW it can be different. Starting that process of change is what we are about.

~ Stephen Linturn

Recovery is Possible

The estimates are that 1 in 6 men in the UK have been sexually abused. For some it will have a low impact on their lives, for others it will dictate everything that comes afterwards. The trauma of the abuse has many symptoms from isolation, low self esteem, addiction, violence to self or others, to relationship difficulties. ISOLATION is the most damaging. It cuts you off from the resources that could help change your present life experience for a better one. The truth is that it gets better when you come out of isolation and do something different.

Men in Recovery

was formed as a vehicle to support men on their journey to wholeness. We run workshops for men with a history of abuse, offer seminars and trainings to inform and educate professionals around all aspects of male sexual abuse. We maintain a website with information and resources available to all men to use as part of their recovery.

What We Do

❖ Raise awareness about male sexual abuse, especially the impact on men and their families; and the impact on society.

❖ Provide a resource for men to move into the recovery phase.

❖ Offer workshops for men who have experienced sexual abuse.

❖ Demonstrate the power of being with a peer group and men’s ability to support each other.

Workshop Testimonials

"Before the weekend I was very anxious, this disappeared after the first day and at the end I had a huge sense of relief and lightness in my body. Most important I learnt that I am not alone. My issues are normal and that there is a lot of hope for the future. You have hit on a subject that particularly in men is not addressed and really needs to be. This workshop has really changed my life"

Chris, Moray