~Sexual abuse typically leaves men with confusing feelings, isolated and can lead to issues around trust in relationships. ~We understand what you are struggling with. ~It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge what happened and move onto the road to recovery. ~We are here to support you on your journey through the difficulties into self-empowerment.

The Charity

Men in recovery is a charity based in Scotland, registered in 2014. It was founded and inspired by Stephen Linturn and Jim Campbell who met in 2013. Both had the desire to create a platform to support men in the process of recovering from the trauma of sexual abuse. The services provided by the charity are mainly financed by funding.

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About Stephen

Stephen Linturn brings a wide range of experiences to supporting men who have been sexually abused. He combines a sensitive, caring and grounding nature, with personal experiences of trauma, plus an honours degree from the University of Life. He has an established therapy practice in the North of Scotland where he has worked extensively with individuals and couples for over 10 years. Many of those clients had sexual abuse as part of their history and Stephen’s approach has proven to be successful in working with this client group.

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Interview with Stephen Linturn

Stephen Linturn, one of the co-founders, talks about Men in Recovery and why he wanted to set up the organisation. He also explains the introductory workshop and answers some of the questions people may have.

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