~Sexual abuse typically leaves men with confusing feelings, isolated and can lead to issues around trust in relationships.

~We understand what you are struggling with.

~It takes a lot of courage to acknowledge what happened and move onto the road to recovery.

~We are here to support you on your journey through the difficulties into self-empowerment.

My story behind ‘Men in Recovery’

I have worked as a counsellor in the Forres area for the last 12 years before meeting Jim Campbell in 2013. Both of us had the inspiration and mission to support men on their path of recovery from the trauma of sexual abuse.

Jim designed the first website and we started running workshops on a simple business model. However it turned out that the model was not sustainable. A lot of the men were looking to support didn't have the money to participate in those workshops. It became clear that a charity would be a better foundation to ensure that we would be able to offer the workshops. We found a team that supported the consolidation of the charity and its endeavours, allowing the Charity to be registered in November 2014 with three trustees: Brian McMullen (Chair and a major part of the team), Paddy Atkinson and Rodney Knights.

In April 2015 Jim left the Charity to develop his own ideas in Edinburgh. In October 2015 I ran the first weekend retreat in the Forres area. It was a great success on many levels, though financially it was challenging. It was now abundantly clear that we needed to look for funding to be able to run the workshops in the future and provide the services we envisioned. A lot of energy went into that process and we finally received money from the Lottery, Awards for All fund. In October 2016 Sally Middleton and Christine Hartmann joined our team as Business Support and Administrator.

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