I truly believe that it is not necessary for men to lead low quality lives blighted by experiences that mostly happened decades ago. It is not eezy peezy to change but neither is living a low quality life. This charity exists because I KNOW it can be different. Starting that process of change is what we are about.

~ Stephen Linturn

More about Stephen

Stephen’s skills and sensitivity are informed by his own childhood experiences of trauma and the ensuing recovery process that he went through. Plus the joys and woes of parenting, the demands of a long term relationship, living in different countries and being self employed as a carpenter, an officer in the Merchant Navy and other professions. He has co-facilitated a weekend retreat for men recovering from abuse with Mike Lew - therapist and co-author of Victims no Longer. One of the most significant parts of his journey to wholeness was being a part of a Men’s Group for 10 years. Stephen brings the experience of personal therapy and a host of related activities with him as valuable capacity for supporting other men on their paths.

What Stephen says about 'Men in Recovery'

I chose to get involved in this work because I care about our society and am very concerned about where we are headed. Why get involved in male sexual abuse? It is a very neglected area in terms of awareness and support for the men. I am clear that the negative impact on the men, their families and society in general is enormous.’

What is a Men's Group?

Basically it is a bunch of men who get together on a regular basis, with a set of agreements to keep it safe, and talk about their experiences. Sounds simple and in a way it is. However, for men in our society it is often a very scary idea to open up to other men about how they feel, think and be transparent about the areas where they feel inadequate or ashamed. Most men’s groups are created and run by the men themselves. A few are lead by a professional, typically a therapist or a counselor and some by men who have experience of being in a group and now want to support others to do something similar. Is it worth it?? For those who make the commitment to keep coming to the group and be with the difficulties, it most certainly is. My own positive experience has been echoed many times by other men.

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